[New York Island and the Narrows. 1781]

[New York Island and the Narrows. 1781]
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[New York Island and the Narrows. 1781]
Geographic detail extends from The Narrows to "Courtland" in the north.
Associated name:
Ratzer, Bernard
Former owner:
Frazer, Sir Augustus Simon, 1776-1835
Former owner:
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
British Library
Collection (local):
British Library Collection
New York (N.Y.)--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
New York
1 map on 2 sheets : joined, manuscript pen and ink with watercolour ; 54 x 112 cm
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[Place of production not identified] : [producer not identified]
Scale approximately 1:32,000
Catalog Record:
Title and date from manuscript annotation to verso in ink. Two different titles are given at opposing ends of the verso; "New York Island and the Narrows. 1781" and "New York Island and from the Narrows to Sputten Devil Creek 1785" (Spuyten Duyvil Creek)
Relief shown by shading and by hachuring
Shows roads with distances
Shows fortifications and camps
Shows scale bars at lower left and upper right
Previous British Library cataloguing suggests Bernard Ratzer as the map's possible cartographer.
Copy at Add Ms 27,715.8. Manuscript "8" added in pencil at upper right. Manuscript addition in ink at upper right shows "Presented Colonel Augustus Frazer K.C.B. R.A.". Laid on archival tissue. Green circular label to verso showing "4". White label to verso showing "DRAWER 29 SECTION 4". Blue label to verso showing "A 29/72". Additional labels show "369". Manuscript annotations to verso in ink show alternative titles.
Notes (date):
This date is inferred.