PROJECT for Fortifying the Town of HALLIFAX ; in NOVA SCOTIA

PROJECT for Fortifying the Town of HALLIFAX ; in NOVA SCOTIA
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PROJECT for Fortifying the Town of HALLIFAX ; in NOVA SCOTIA
Title (alt.):
PROJECT for Fortifying the Town of HALIFAX ; in NOVA SCOTIA
A manuscript map by John Brewse illustrating the proposals and projections for Halifax in Nova Scotia.
Brewse, John, -1785
Former owner:
George, III, King of Great Britain, 1738-1820
George, IV, King of Great Britain, 1762-1830
Name on Item:
1749 Jn: Brewse.
British Library
Collection (local):
British Library Collection
Military art and science--Nova Scotia--Halifax--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
Halifax (N.S.)--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
1 map : manuscript, pen and ink with watercolour ; 28 x 43 cm
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No known copyright restrictions.
This work is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License (CC BY-NC-SA).
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Scale approximately 1:4,800
Catalog Record:
Title appears in a decorative surround at upper left.
Lettered key (A-M) identifies locations within the town.
A decorative compass rose orients north to the right of the sheet.
Cross section of the town walls is given at lower right at a scale of one inch to 40 feet.
"George's Island" with the "Battery of Sixteen 24 Pounders" is shown in the harbour.
Library and Archives Canada, H3/240/Halifax/1749, NMC 4676 holds another copy of the map (Red'd with Col Cornwallis's letter dated ye 17 Oct. 1749.).
The "Index of Manuscripts in the British Library" lists other manuscript letters by John Brewse.
Titled 'A drawn Project for fortifying the Town of Halifax, by John Brewse, 1749' in the Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, etc., forming the geographical and topographical collection attached to the Library of his late Majesty King George the third, etc., London, 1829.
Titled 'A colored "Project for fortifying the Town of Hallifax, ... 1749, by John Brewse;" drawn on a scale of 400 feet to an inch: 1 f. 4 1/2 in. x 11 in.' in the Catalogue of the manuscript maps, charts, and plans, and of the topographical drawings in the British Museum.