[Island of Coudre]

[Island of Coudre]
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[Island of Coudre]
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Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797
Former owner:
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
British Library
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British Library Collection
Coudres Island (Québec)--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
CanadaCoudres, Île aux (island)
1 map : manuscript pen and ink with watercolour ; 34 x 44 cm
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[Place of production not identified] : [producer not identified]
Scale approximately 1:40,000
Catalog Record:
Date range from 1760-1761 Survey of Canada which included surveying of Coudres Island (Hornsby, Stephen J. Surveyors of Empire, page 60, figure 2.7). Coudres Island was then established as a site for observing longitude during the 1766-1770 Survey of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Saint Lawrence River.
Compare Add Ms 57,704.2. for another map of the island (by a different hand and showing different sounding depths).
Compare Add Ms 57,704.4. for a map of the Island of Orleans by the same hand as this map.
Compare also Add. Ms. 31360, f.2 for a manuscript map entitled "Plan of the Road of Coudre" by Captain James Cook.
Relief shown by shading.
Sounding depths are given.
Shows coastal outline only, no interior geography is shown.
Title from name given within island. Other names given are "St Pauls Bay" and "Cape Goon" only.
Copy at Add Ms 57,704.3. Bound in R.U.S.I. Vol LXIX. Shows manuscript addition of "17 3" in pencil at upper right with an additional "3". Shows manuscript addition of "A 58" in pencil at lower right. Shows manuscript addition of "A 28/53" in pencil at lower left. Laid on archival tissue. Green circular label to verso shows "29a". White label to verso showing "DRAWER 28 SECTION 2". Manuscript annotation to verso in pencil shows "17". Paper watermark shows fleur de lys within a shield with "LVG" below and countermark is "IV".
Notes (date):
This date is inferred.