[Chart of the Saint Lawrence River from Anticosti to Quebec]

[Chart of the Saint Lawrence River from Anticosti to Quebec]
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[Chart of the Saint Lawrence River from Anticosti to Quebec]
H. G.
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Gordon, Harry, -1787
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Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797
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Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
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H. G.
British Library
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British Library Collection
Rivers--Saint Lawrence River--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
Saint Lawrence River--Orleans, Island of (Québec)--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800--Maps, Manuscript--Early works to 1800
CanadaOrléans, Île d' (island)
Saint Lawrence River
1 map on 3 sheets : joined, laid on linen, manuscript pen and ink with watercolour ; 65 x 146 cm
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[Place of production not identified] : H. G. ,
Scale approximately 1:380,000
Catalog Record:
Relief shown pictorially and by shading.
Sounding depths are given.
Date from reference to "June 1755" in map key.
Map untitled but shows a lettered explanation (key) at lower centre which makes reference to other maps and surveys; "All Ledges, Soundings, Islands &c. mark'd with a B are copy'd from a Cart publish'd in Boston in 1732. The figure of the Shore from Quebec to Cow Point on the North & to Vincelot on the South Shore and of the Ledges within that distance are laid down from different Maps & Surveys of M. Bellin & others. The bearings & distances of the different points and Islands, of the Ledges, Rocks, Anchorages, Soundings, with the setting of the Tides & the Land Marks for avoiding the Ledges &c are Plan'd from a Manuscript found on board the Alcide taken in june 1755 By Adm.l Boscawen Intitled. Remarques & observations pour la Navigation de France a Quebec tirées de Memoires & Journaux qui sont aux depôt de Cartes de la Marine. 1737. H. G."
Shows a scale in "English and French Leagues".
"The River Saint Laurence" is decorated with two compass roses.
Geographical details is shown of the river and banks only.
Inset at upper left with a larger scale map of the Island of Orleans. This inset has its own key within a decorative cartouche and a scale of "ENGLISH LEAGUES" (scale approximately 1:253,000).
Compare "ROAD OF COUDRE" (Add Ms 57,704.2.) by the same hand.
Compare Maps K.Top.121.68. - in a similar hand and signed "Harry Gordon Engineer".
Copy at Add Ms 57,705.1. In a R.U.S.I. solander box numbered Vol LXX and LXXI. Comprises 3 sheets joined and laid on linen. Red stamp of R.U.S.I. beneath the key at lower centre. Shows manuscript addition of "5" in pencil at upper right. Shows addition of "[circa 1758]" followed by illegible text in the margin at lower left. Laid on linen. Green circular label to verso shows "27". White label to verso showing "DRAWER 28 SECTION 2". Stamp to verso in black ink shows "ADD. MS. 57,705 (1). Manuscript additions to verso in pencil shows "A 28/51" and repeat the pressmark "57705-1".
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This date is inferred.