Exploring Plymouth Prior to the Arrival of the Pilgrims (Lesson)



In this lesson, students will examine a 1613 Champlain map and an English translation, looking for the parts of the map that will help them decode and analyze it. Students will determine the meaning of unknown words or phrases from the key, and reflect orally and in writing about what the cartographer’s choices show us about his view of Plymouth and the Native Americans who were living there. This lesson also includes a comprehensive bibliography for teaching about this time period and about Native Americans at the elementary level. This lesson and accompanying map set were created by 2017 Carolyn A. Lynch Teacher Fellow Theresa Garcia de Quevedo.

Material Type:
Lesson Plan
Grade Level:
3, 4, 5
The Americas to 1620, Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763), Emergence of the First Global Age (1450-1770), Geography
Plymouth, MA
Time Period:

Associated Map Set