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Thank you for your interest in the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center. Your support helps us to provide unfettered access to our collections, free to all.

Step 1: Understand Your Map's Size

Fitz globe

Fitz globe

The map you have selected is approximately:

0.0" H x 0.0" W inches

This measurement indicates the area of the map and does not include margins.

Your map, however, will be printed as the whole image you see on our website including original margins, marginalia and any blank space the camera captured.

Once printed you can trim the paper as desired.

Please be aware that most of our maps are unique and historical works of art and may not conform to standard frame sizes.

Step 2: Printing at True Size

To reproduce this map at its true physical size (approximate) the estimated price (not including shipping) will be:

  • $2.04 (standard or textured paper)
  • $2.68 (premium fade-resistant paper)

All paper options are acid-free.

Optional: Custom Sizing

For custom sizing, the print size you provide should include the whole image you see on our website, including original margins, marginalia, and any blank space the camera captured.

Please indicate EITHER height OR width. Remember that the other dimension will automatically increase or decrease proportionately. We don't offer reproductions stretched beyond original proportions.

While these are extremely high resolution images, if you choose a large size increase you may be compromising on the clarity of the final product. This may be an important consideration since all sales are final.

Step 3: Your Order

0.0" H x 0.0" W
Please note that we cannot provide custom size prints larger than 24" on the shorter side.
You will receive an email confirmation with details on how to submit your payment.