Lessons and Activities

America Transformed/Best Practice When Teaching About Native People
APUSH Instructional Strategies and Organizer
Area and Geometry
Boston: A City of Immigrants/1850–2015 Foreign-Born in Boston, MA & the United States
Boston’s Foreign-Born Population/Who? Where? How Many?
Boston's Geography and the American Revolution [BPS Micro-Unit]
Britain's North American Empire 1607-1764 Map Set
Britain's North American Empire 1607-1764 Worksheets and Excerpts
Building the Local American Empire: Mapping Indigenous Peoples and Westward Expansion [BPS Micro-Unit]
City-Wide Family Scavenger Hunt in Boston Parks
Civil War Curriculum Guide (Elementary)
Civil War Curriculum Guide (High School)
Civil War Curriculum Guide (Middle School)
Cod and the Settlement of New England
Comparing Map Projections
Continental Conflict & The New Nation 1775-1783 Map Set
Continental Conflict & the New Nation 1775-1783 Worksheets and Excerpts
Documents & Case Studies: Native American Removal & U.S. Expansion. 1800-1840
Electoral College
Exploring Plymouth Prior to the Arrival of the Pilgrims (Lesson)
Extending the Coordinate Plane
In the Wake of Poseidon: Classical Imagery on Antique Maps
Introduction to Functions
Introduction to the Coordinate Plane
Mapping 17th Century New England: Proportional Reasoning and European Priorities
Mapping and Climate Change
Mapping Boston and the American Revolution
Mapping Boston: An introduction to essential map reading skills through the lens of Boston's rich history
Mapping Our Boston
Mapping the American Revolution in Boston
Mapping the Nez Perce War
Maps, Manuscripts and Documents: Boston and the American Revolution
Maps of Foreign-Born Populations of Boston
Maps of New England
Measuring Distances on a Map
Migration to and within the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s
Native People and Settler Colonialism
Redlining Maps and Their Legacy
Same Data, Different Stories
Scale and Proportion
Scale and Unit Conversion
Similarity and Dilation
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
The French and Indian War: Road to Independence
Unrest in Boston 1765-1776 Map Set
Unrest in Boston 1765-1776 Worksheets and Excerpts
Visualizing Boston
Visualizing Immigration
What Is a Map?
Why Vote?
World Maps Over Time
Ξ Activity Booklet: Boston Over Time
Ξ Activity Booklet: House Floor Plan Activity
Ξ Activity Booklet: Massachusetts Market Game
Ξ Activity Booklet: Neighborhood Library Activity
Ξ Activity Booklet: Old Maps of Boston and New England
Ξ Activity Booklet: Reading Maps of Boston
Ξ Activity Booklet: Solving Problems With Maps
Ξ Activity Booklet: Take Your Friends to Fenway
Ξ Activity Booklet: Walk the Arnold Arboretum