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Maps are engaging and dynamic resources for teaching. Search here for map sets, lesson plans and activities for your classroom.

What are map sets?

A map set is a collection of maps and other primary sources connected to a topic or theme for teaching. You can explore and personalize existing map sets or create your own.

Create a Map Set

Create your own Map Sets Getting started

Creating your own map set is a great way to engage your students with a specific topic in history, geography, and many other subjects. The duplicate function lets you copy an existing map set and modify any part of it for your own classroom use. To create your own map set or adapt an existing one, you must Login or Register.

Pick your maps

Start by creating a Favorites List of maps. You can create as many lists as you want and organize by topic, location, etc.

Create your map set or adapt an existing one

Give your map set a name and description and link it to grade levels and subjects. Select your layout and add as many pages as you would like. To adapt an existing set, just click “duplicate” and edit as needed. Change the text, maps, and other primary sources to suit your grade level and needs.

Add maps and other resources

Add map images from your Favorites List or resources from other collections and create your own unique set. Zoom in to a detail, add text to the map, or draw different shapes and lines to highlight specific information. Overlay a historic map on a modern one to show how an area has changed over time.


Send a link to your map set or share via social media. You can also submit your map set to Leventhal Map & Education Center education staff to make your map set publicly available to other teachers.

Lesson Plans and Activities

Browse K-12 lesson plans and classroom activities that use historic maps to engage students.

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Resources for Boston Public Schools

Browse resources specifically for teaching about the history of Boston as well as other curriculum areas.

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